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Ken was born in Savannah, Georgia in 1960.At the age of 3 his family moved to Jesup, Georgia where he was reared through his highschool years. His two older brothers were both musicians and heavily influenced his desire to one day also play music. Early in his life it was evident that he had a gift for music and began to pick out songs on the family piano, and play his drum set that had been a gift from his parents. After attending highschool, he briefly attended college, only to become frustrated to the point of dropping out to pursue his dream which was to play music.After leaving school, he joined a band in the late seventies, as a keyboard player, and traveled the Southeastern United States playing music.
He was pursuing what he thought would make him happy, only to realize later that this dream and marriage would soon fail him. On December 10th 1982, during a dark period in his life Ken accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was ressurected unto life never to be the same again!!!
Ken moved back to Jesup and worked with the government while attending Church at Golden Isles Christian fellowship, a church pastored by his brother Bill, soon after he began to lead worship there.In 1987 Ken met Christy Cofer for the first time at his church. They were married on July 3, 1988. Ken and Christy Mullis then moved to Statesboro, GA. allowing Christy to finish her degree in music education at Georgia Southern University. After Christy graduated in the spring of 1991, they moved back to the Jesup, Georgia area where Ken took a job as Deputy Sheriff with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. During this time the Lord began to pull Ken's heart in another direction and after ten years of law enforcement work he resigned in 1999 from the Sheriff's office. With his wife and children they moved to Eastman, GA. to establish Narrow Way Ministries.

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