Friday, March 25, 2005


This article was written two years ago and was given to a particular fellowship, however, I believe this word is relevant to the whole ‘Body of Christ’ for this hour. This was received from what I like to call an instant data dump from the Lord. As I recall, I wrote it as soon as I received it. This same word came up during a prophetic flow at Providence Church in Jesup this past Sunday.
Before you read further, take note that I believe the Bible to be the holy written word of God, and there are no exceptions to this fact. This posting is not to diminish or change the reality or importance of that fact. Nor do I believe this posting is asking the believer to do something contrary to scripture. I simply want the reader to catch the spirit of this word, not to diminish their faith in the written word, but to breathe life on them and increase their faith in the voice of God Himself resident on the inside of them!


As I was on my way to intercessory prayer Monday morning I heard a word that the Lord has been saying to me for the last few weeks. Assumption. He began to show me how assumption was an ‘infiltrater’ of the enemy. Like the tare is to wheat, assumption is to true discernment from the Lord. Most often to date in the history of the church, assumption is mistaken for discernment.

It’s origins come from several mindsets, for example: Jesus healed three blind people three different ways. All were blind, but because He only did what he saw the Father do and say, He had diverse methods to bring about the desired results. The religious mindset would be to quote scripture perhaps and lay hands on all three the same way. Why? I’m glad you asked. Because we assume their conditions are all the same. We tend to lump people together because of what we see with out natural eye. I love things black and white. Our human nature tends to want to put everything in it’s place. It’s easy for me to function that way. It seems to be the way of simplicity. However, there are other colors on the wheel in the ‘Spirit Realm’ to be seen, and if we are connected in spirit to the living God, our vision can be vast without losing the simplicity God designed.

Anytime we sum anyone up we tend to go into this automatic function of ‘word and truth action’ rather than turning our hearts to God for His way. We try to establish the formula for success. Even when Paul was speaking to the church at Corinth about one being of Apollos or Paul he said can’t you see that your carnal when you divide off that way. Again that’s the human nature trying to put things in their place. We do it with people, fellowships, music, and we do it with biblical truth. You name it, and we want to label it. This is wrong and can cripple the move of the Spirit of God, both individually and corporately.

The root of these mindsets comes from walking in our own assumption and not using discernment. To walk in discernment causes us to depend on the Holy Ghost more for direction. This doesn’t mean that we don’t use knowledge. Scripture says we perish because of the lack of knowledge. This in itself is knowledge so of course knowledge is very important, but it’s the knowledge that flows from our communion with God. In other words, what flows as the result of our personal relationship with God.

According to scripture, many get sick and die young because they don’t discern the Body of Christ correctly. The very revelation that we receive from God can become our enemy if we began to assume things from the knowledge of the revelation and turn the revelation into another dead work. What would make the knowledge of God a dead work? When the revelation we use is from our own assumption that we know what is needed rather than keeping our ear turned to the Lord. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing, etc…

I also believe I heard the Lord say that this has to be exposed and stripped away before the new revelation can come forth. You would think the further down the levels of growth of an individual believer, the greater the amount of assumption that is walked in, however, this is the condition for most of the Body of Christ at large. Especially those who have been around a while and read all the books! A new Christian is more likely to be following close to God because they are experiencing their first love with God!

Another thing I heard was that any actions taken from the platform of assumption were spreading death throughout the body. The very best that it can be is the letter of the law. I also saw that these actions were manipulation. Though it’s not necessarily malicious, it works the same death through the body. No wonder we get sick and die young when most of the body flows in assumption rather than discernment.

People, entire moves of God, marriages, businesses, you name it, have all fallen prey to assumption or (summing up). It’s so important to be careful of flippant judgments and opinions towards others. We can create a literal prison around someone with our words.

Jesus came to set the captives free, what are we doing?

I believe assumption will be exposed over and over again until it is removed from our midst.

Ken Mullis


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