Thursday, March 03, 2005

Racism: A Prophetic Demonstration Of The Church

This is a vision or mental picture I received last week during a time of meditation in the Lord. I will start simply by giving what I saw then I will follow it with what I believe the Lord spoke to me.
I saw a young black man. The era seemed to be shortly after the turn of the century. It could of been the 1920's but It didn't seem to be later than that time. The young man appeared to be in his twenties and was well dressed wearing a light brown suit. His build was superb in stature and he seemed educated and well mannered. There was nothing I could find to hold against him, yet I could see that he was rejected by the masses. Just his presence sent shockwaves and anger through society. All he had to do to receive this treatment was be alive. It was a terrible feeling.
Being raised in the south I remembered my own prejudices. The rejection that we give towards men while denying that anything prejudice exist. As I was seeing this vision, I heard the voice of the Lord say, "As you see this condition in society during this era, so it is today in the Church concerning apostles and prophets and the restoration process."
Wow I thought is this possible? Is a gift of ministry hated and despised just for being what it is? Could it be that masses of people who call themselves Christians are rejecting men and women just because of the mantle they are designed to walk in? Do we have Christian friends that we don't take home to dinner? Do we have back door Christian associations that we really don't want people to know we're hanging with? Would you even let an apostle or prophet in your house? What would the neighbors think? What is God asking of me, surely not that? When's the last time you bragged on your local apostle in the work place? I know some of you may think that I've lost my mind but I know this is where our hearts are. I must say I'm a little embarrassed in some circles to talk about apostles and prophets. Not only do I think the world might think I'm crazy but I'm thinking most of the church may think I'm crazy. Maybe I can pass for something more normal some might say.
I remember hearing a black woman say that when she was a girl she would cry because she wanted to be white. I'm ashamed that I may have contributed to the kind of environment that would cause anyone to not want to be the glorious creation that they were created to be.
I don't know how many times just talking about certain revelations that I was getting would make people so angry. It seems so glorious that God is restoring the Church just like He said He would. That the Elijah generation is being raised up! But believe me, not all Christians are as happy about it as I am! Because to be happy about this restoration business means that something will be required of us. I can hear some saying with frustration, "Now it's enough to have to believe Jesus was born from a virgin and that He was crucified and rose on the third day now we gotta believe in them apostles and epistles!"
This is a good place to sigh.............
Lord forgive us! Heal the rejection in our land and in the Church. Lead us to take the responsibility that we should take. Amen.
Believe me there have been many who have gone out and given prophets and apostles a bad name, either by false or poor representation. I have a friend that said he was going to start hanging out with lawyers and politicians because he believed they were a step up from those he called ministers. He didn't say that out of prejudice, but from his own hurt from the abuse of ministers. I myself once said that I didn't want to be counted among those who call themselves ministers for the same reasons. But abuse of a few can no longer be an excuse for not opening the door to what we know is the truth.
The last day apostles and prophets are being raised up and we better get ready and decide the stance we are going to take. Are we going to deny what we know to be true just to save our own face in Christian society or even the world?
We must be a witness of all Christ asked of us no matter the cost. I pray that I myself can live up to such a proclamation.
Ken Mullis


Blogger Rob McKinnon said...

Hey, This is really good. Too bad so many of us reject what God says is good. Restoration IS truly taking place. Too bad, again, that it's more than the church structure that is being re-vamped. But the people IN that structure are in a place of restoration, and WE take their shortcomings and hold them against them. I guess it's just another form of prejudice.

I enjoyed your post.


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