Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Spiritual Epidemic


Last night and this morning I've been thinking about what I've been seeing in my own life as well as across the Body of Christ at large. It may actually be a spiritual epidemic. What I'm about to describe is something that I myself am having to come to terms with. It has to do with revelation, calling, position, responsibility, and purpose, just to name a few.
I'm seeing a lot of frustration among the cutting edge revelators. Those who have seen glimpses of God's plans and purposes in the Church at large. Those who God has given the valid ability to see, in part, a finished condition that needs to be implemented into existence in the lives of believers as well as local assemblies. When they speak of what they see or know, it's often met with a real rejection. At this time a condition begins to develop. We begin to get angry at the leaders who reject us and so we begin to reject them and essentially become the very thing we accuse others of being. It happens all the time. What is the answer?
First let me say this, I don't know in fullness how to answer the question of restoration, but I do know what can wreck our chances of getting there. The answer comes down to maturity. If we really do have better revelation than our peers, we should actually have more patience. We should be more longsuffering and understanding of their blindness. We should exhibit more love and grace towards the obstinate. In other words we should be champions walking in the fruits of the Spirit. That is the litmus test for maturity, and it's not knowledge. A lot of folks mistake their knowledge for revelation. But the truth is, if your great knowledge causes you to be full of bitterness and anger towards others for any reason, you are a babe in Christ who can not walk in self-control. If you are in this condition, you are poison to the body of Christ and you need to repent. You have began to sow out of your own frustration, anger, and rejection, and you need to sit down. The abundance of your heart is an ungodly wrath of your own making. You have become the very thing you hated to begin with.
Sadly enough, this seems to be ever so common. I won't go so far as to say that this is the rule, but it's only because I don't have any way to measure the fullness of this condition worldwide. It's so common to see a blistering allegation coming from the "enlightened ones" towards some poor soul that's been faithful in ministry for fifty years that seemingly doesn't know anything. Most of the time, I never see a blistering reply coming back from those "ignorant old wineskins". They seem to just keep going along quietly staying on their course.
So I have to wonder, who are the mature ones? Another point Jesus made comes to mind in John 9:41 "If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you say, 'We see.' Therefore your sin remains."
I myself am of the groups that want to see the Church restored to the glorious state is was designed to be in. I too have suffered from rejection for what I believed God was showing me. I have felt the anger rise up in me and toted that garbage around a few blocks.
I will share something with you the Lord showed me, and I felt so silly when I saw it. I saw a master builder looking at a house that needed restoring. He was standing in front of the house and he was mad at it because of the shape it was in. He literally had an attitude with an old house that needed restoration. I thought how silly this seems, but the Lord showed me that this is the condition of many I've called to do this work. I was astounded and ashamed of my own heart.
You see the house got that way because of the storms it weathered. The long days of dryness. The humidity that brought the corruption of mold. Any of you ever felt kind of moldy? Have you ever suffered any of these things. Have you ever been in a condition that was eating away the foundation of your very being and remember the helplessness you felt during that time. It's because you are a living stone of this very building that needs restoration that you are able to relate. And soon as these enlightened ones get over being mad at you for being in that condition, they will bring healing and foundation to your life.
I've heard people often use the description that prophets are feisty and rise up in anger quicker than others. We're told it's because of that prophetic nature they walk in, but I tell you the truth, it's because of the immaturity that they walk in.
And they need to take heed to what's happening to them.
Scripture says, to who much is given, much is required. If you have been given a lot of knowledge, then you are required to be more loving, more patient, more etc...
Let us all rise up and walk in love and understanding of the times and be relevant to our generation.
Please receive this in love. It truly is in love that it was written.


Blogger Rob McKinnon said...

Wow! I've been seeing the same thing for a long time. There are a couple of things I have questions about, but it can wait until we are actually "talking" for real. But I am so blessed that someone else is seeing this and talking about it.

I especially like that part about how we "become the very thing that we are blaming THEM for being". On second thought . . . I cringe at that because I have been so guilty of it.

There are so many areas that this word needs to be made practical in the body of Christ. May it be so.

In Him


9:32 AM  

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