Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Who Rules Over You?

Hello again,

Today I've been pondering some thoughts that came from something Jesus spoke when He and the disciples were accused of breaking the Sabbath.

Jesus replied to the accusation saying, "the Sabbath was made for the man not man for the Sabbath". As I began to meditate on that statement, I believe the Lord gave me an insight that I believe will be very important for many in these days as the Church at large is being restored.

I believe that I stumbled onto a life principle that can be applied across the board concerning our responsibility to God and our responsibility to the things God designed for us. Jesus also said in scripture that He says and does what He hears and sees the Father saying and doing. It seems to me that above all things Jesus put what He heard and saw the Father doing in His own heart above everything. Everything you ask? Yes, everything. How valuable is that? That means that what we believe Jesus speaks to our own hearts is what we as individuals have to be true to. There is no other way to live from our innermost being. Does this mean we are not to be corrected? Not at all, I believe we should always seek counsel and be open to the possibilities that we could be wrong. I have also had the experience many times where I believe God gave me a specific direction or idea but the leadership thought differently. At that point, I felt God would have me submit to their leadership out of respect to their authority. In fact I have yielded to others many times when I might have done something different. Would God ever ask us to do something the leadership of a church would not want us to do? He might.
Not too long ago, I felt that God was leading me to leave a particular fellowship my family and I were attending. When I presented it to the leadership, they told me I was deceived. At first I yielded to their counsel because Proverbs declares there is safety in a multitude of counselors, but ultimately it was confirmed to me very clearly that I was to leave. God loves for us to submit ourselves to leadership and to each other. I would say this. The rule would be to submit to those who have charge over you if they are not asking you to sin. If God wants you to go against your leaderships wishes, He will lead you there but I would implore you to test what you think you may be hearing. Test your motives and seek counsel if you can.
You see the Sabbath, your local assembly, your apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, your elders, musicians, your boss, your oversight, everything in creation was made for the man not man for any of those things. They are benefits.
Jesus had to be true to the life inside of Himself. There is nothing more valuable or precious to God than us hearing His voice and our response to it. Our relationship with Him is above everything else. Because when all hell breaks loose and persecution comes, what God is speaking to you personally is all that will sustain you. He may send others to you with His word when you can't hear, but it should bear witness to you in your spirit. Jesus said His sheep know His voice. When you reach the place that you know that you know, ....you know!
Be blessed!