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Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining!

I started writing this article about two weeks ago and I put it on hold for a while to test my motivation behind the message. Usually the process is simpler, but this particular article is the result of some events that I encountered recently that provoked a lot of different emotions. Although it is possible to 'be angry and sin not', I wanted to make sure that the underlying motivation is not anger, but truth in love. This particular subject triggered far more emotions than just anger.

I stopped by my Dad's the other day. He had been watching a popular reality television show that has this lady judge conducting court cases in front of a live studio audience. During some of the testimony, the judge perceived that the witness was lying. The judge stated to the witness, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." My dad thought that was a funny statement. He couldn't believe she said it on television! I found it to be humorous myself. I guess a judge hears and sees it all. After I left, I never dreamed how the Lord would use that statement to minister to me.

In the article I wrote called "Lying In The Name Of The Lord", I spoke of how some Christians get caught up in the power of suggestion or momentums that present certain actions as being the power of God manifesting, when in reality it's just a bit of showmanship that some of the Church has embraced. Again let me say that this is not always the case, but I do find it to be the rule in some circles. This article will address some other similar issues mainly from the ministry side of things that the other article didn't.

As I was driving down the road a few days ago, I began to hear, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining". I kind of laughed and kept going. Again I'd hear, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining". Still trying to ignore such a vile statement, I tried to think of other things and again I'd hear, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining". I began to realize that this seemed to be coming from within. As I began to meditate on what I was hearing, I thought this presents a terrible mental picture. At this point I believe the Lord opened my eyes to see His purpose in this word picture. What I feel the Lord began to unfold to me was that this is a common defiling event that takes place meeting after meeting in some assemblies. And as vile as the statement is in the natural, it's even viler in the spirit realm.

In the article "Lying In The Name Of The Lord", I gave several scenarios' where some believers may be entering into events that may or may not be truthful, such as falling when hands are laid upon them or uncontrollable laughter. Again I'm not saying that these things can not happen. I'm saying that if some folks are doing these things apart from Gods power, it is dishonesty and it's defiling to the body of Christ just like any other sin is.

Unfortunately, anywhere the real is happening, there will be some who are not sincere in there actions.

We say we want restoration in the Church, but do we. How serious is God about honesty. Well, remember Ananias and Sapphira? They were not completely honest about their giving with Peter and they dropped dead at his feet. Peter said to them, "Why do you lie to the Holy Ghost?" You see scripture says a little leaven will spoil the whole bunch. Thank goodness for God's grace! I believe if Ananias had said forgive me instead of lying, he would have been fine. But he would not admit his sin, instead he denied the Spirit of Truth.

God created us 'the Church' to live out of our relationship with Him. Jesus said He only said what He heard the Father say, and that He did only what He saw the Father do. So as it was Jesus lived and walked out of His communion with the Father, so it is that we should walk out our lives in the same manner. It is then that we have great success. That is living from the 'Tree of Life', and it's simple. When we read scripture, it should be to bring us into the place of communion with God. It is from the place of communion that the nature of God is manifested in the Earth. Scripture says that all creation groans for the manifestation of the Sons of God. When we live out of our relationship with Him, the Son is manifested.

Now concerning ministers: I must say I can get totally disgusted with those who claim to be called of God who uses manipulation and showmanship for the purpose of looking spiritually superior or to control the innocent. Some church services equal or exceed the showmanship of a professional wrestling event better than Hollywood itself could do. And it's done in the name of the Lord. The sad truth is that many in leadership are deceived into believing they are doing God a service by these types of services. (Scripture says that in the last days they will kill you and think they are doing God a service!) Then you have other ministers who produce an unholy fear among believers so that they can control and manipulate them through their own concocted fear and intimidation, that they themselves produce, and they call it the fear of the Lord. That is no different than any other type of hyped up show and we're being told 'this is that that the prophet Joel spoke of.' We're told that this is the latter rain. Well, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!

We are supposed to be manifesting the presence of God to all with conviction and integrity. Not making men jump through the hoops of our own design that usually serve only to drive away yet another believer. These issues have been danced around enough. I'm not trying to touch God's anointed; I'm trying to touch hardened anesthetized hearts that go through the dead motions of religious hoopla over and over again. To touch the hearts of those who have been put under the control of devilish men for their own agendas. Look at the fruit! Look at the fruit! If you don't believe my word look at the fruit in their lives and see if there is a trail of casualties that repeats itself over and over. Many will read this and know that it's true deep in their hearts and still do nothing. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty! It's been years since some of you have experienced liberty. Sadly, some of you have deceived yourself that it really is raindrops falling on your head.

Jealousy, envy, ungodly competition, the quest for power, being seen as right at all cost, money, fame, looking spiritual, and the list goes on. This is just to name a few of the things that lead some to these ungodly heart conditions. Then there are the people who claim to be the victim of this or that who con you into giving them special privileges to be a jerk, and you get their mess spewed over you again and again all the while excusing them for it. Yea you have liberty all right!

So what's happening when we use manipulation and control out of our doctrine instead of leading out of our relationship with God? I'm glad you asked. People are defiled! The Word of God brings life when sown and received with open hearts to God, but when you have out of frustration or anger or any other fruit contrary to the Spirit of God, sown into others, you bring them death. That's right, scripture says the Law kills but the Spirit brings life. When you use scripture to justify yourself or control others for your own well being, or establish your kingdom, you are walking in a spirit contrary to Christ. What spirit is contrary to Christ? Perhaps that spirit would be Anti-Christ!

If we are not walking in close communion with God, we lend ourselves to be contrary to God! When we are in that condition, we are spreading death onto others.

I always wondered how the elect could be deceived by the Anti-Christ. Maybe this is how. We are so used to seeing and embracing lies and spiritual hype from the pulpits that we are already used to the flow of the spirit of Anti-Christ. We're used to people telling us that this is that the prophet Joel spoke of when in reality it maybe just their ability to raise motivational hype in the atmosphere. And they used the Word of God to do it. Not out of their relationship with Jesus but by their own abilities and gifting.

When ministers drum up the atmosphere with hype and call it God's outpouring, you just got peed on!

When those who call themselves prophets' stand up and try to tell you 'Thus saith the Lord' and there's no internal witness or fruit to what they are saying, you just got peed on!

When a minister uses control, manipulation, and scare tactics on you and tells you it's the fear of the Lord, you just got peed on!

Keep singing, "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" if you want to!

When a minister or any believer tells you they love you when in reality they don't really care about you, you just got peed on and you were basically being told that this is the love of God that was shed abroad in their hearts. Well don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

I want to see the dead raised, the sick healed, the lost saved etc. and I believe we have seen this already to some extent and we will see a lot more in the future, but for now folks, let's get real, and manifest all that He allows through us as honestly as we can.


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Wow - I'm a bit behind on this one, but I must say that this is my favorite blog you've ever written. True today as it was when you wrote it. I hope you're well, bro!

Shannon Lewis

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It's funny I was out for a walk this morning and I had to go so I peed on a tree. Afterwards I felt bad because I didn't know if urine will kill a tree so I decided that I would look it up on the web when I got home. I typed in "will it kill a tree if you pee on it?" No kidding right. Well your page came up and boy was I surprised. Your singing my tune this morinin man. I'm so sick and tired of the dog and pony show's that usually end with you feeling guitly and reaching for your checkbook. And what about the pastors that make you feel all warm and toasty inside as they turn their back on you when you ask them for serious guidence? Yeah, I'm sure you can tell, I have some issues with a lot of today's "religion." I think I'm sick. I loved God so much as a little boy I was pretty much always happy. I think at some point in time I bought into religion and became pretty broke in faith. I hope for others, but generally I am pretty hard on myself. So many "churches", as if to say that the church or,"Body of Christ", is a building. Whats with that anyway, and what's with these "churches" being ran like clubs. Like if you don't or cant afford to tithe then your not even considered a member. Isn't the only prerequisit to being a member of the church of Christ the savior that you believe in him? It makes me sick I tell you. Not becuase I don't know what to believe, but because I can't believe them, And by their standards, or at least the vast majority of churches I've come into contact with I feel that they think they are the way to heaven, and that if they don't approve me then I'm Damned... It's all a bit much really, but Christ is going to return soon, and he will see to sorting it all out.

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