Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Own Casualties

I've been writing some very poignant postings about living honestly and the casualties that occur from not living life from the place inside, where God resides. I want to make some things clear about myself that I want to keep in front of you and me at all times.
I personally have failed so many times in the very areas of insight that I publish. I have left a lot of casualties in the field by my own selfishness and arrogance. I've hurt God and man many times, only to leave folks bloody and hurt. One reason that I have some of the insight that I'm writing about is because of God's mercy to reveal the flaws in myself to me and using all things for my good. (Rom.8:28) My hope is not to expose bad men's flaws, rather it is to expose the lies that have many good men deceived.
Even now I'm aware of sin that would try to work in my members to stop or thwart the plan of God. My point is, I have to walk out what I'm writing just like anyone else. We're all capable of, and probably guilty of failing each other and we must strive to cover each other with His love and mercy.
I ask for your prayers that humility will reign in my heart as I release what I believe God is speaking to this generation.
Ken Mullis


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