Friday, September 16, 2005

It's Been Awhile!

Like the title says, "It's been awhile". I've been in a season where I decided to withdraw for a while. My heart has been in real need of some examination. It's all about motives. It seems that truth can roll off all our tongues so easily and as long as what we are saying is true, we excuse ourselves to say whatever we want. That's why I wanted to take some time to examine myself. You see I've learned it's the motive behind our words that make them blessing or curses.

For example, if we are telling someone about a situation or event that involves others, the content may be 100% accurate and still be motivated by a heart to gossip. Therefore, we didn't just release truth, we released a curse against someone for our own evil purpose. Another example of this is when we speak the truth in love to someone else about some flaw they may have. We say we are bringing truth to them for their good, but the truth is, they may be driving us up the wall and we are tired of how their 'flaw' is affecting us. Therefore we are bringing death into their lives creating a cursed condition over them. Our 'truth' that we are bringing can be entirely self motivated laced with the lie that we are doing them a great favor.

On the corporate level we must be careful how we get on our soapbox to proclaim the indisputable word of God. This too can be totally self motivated. I have personally heard the indisputable truth laced with frustration and anger. This is not the washing of the water of the word, it's a demonic spew from a bitter well. The vessel may be wounded and hurt, or just plain evil, the end result for the listener is the same. A cursed condition that leaves them blinded and confused.

For this reason I have been testing my motives. It's obvious that change in the body of Christ is necessary for the purpose of restoration, and revelation needs to be proclaimed. So let us all purpose in our hearts to release His truth propelled by His love. That we truly are releasing the washing of the water of His word.


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