Monday, June 27, 2005

Sound The Alarm!

At a time in Church history when we see the dawning of the Apostolic restoration, I've never seen so many who feel so displaced. I've seen many who are wounded or in sin, maybe both. I've seen others in some sort of funk, for lack of a better word.
These things I've described are designed by the enemy for the purpose of getting us to quit our fight of faith and lay down to die. I have found myself in this place from time to time. It's no accident. It is an unholy release against the Body of Christ in a demonic effort to thwart God's plan of restoration. What is the remedy for this condition? I believe God has given me some natural illustrations to convey His point.
I remember a movie from the 50's or 60's, that there was a recent remake of, about a police precinct that was under attack by what seemed to be an uncountable number of thugs. In the movie there was only one or two police officers and they were way outnumbered. Their only hope was to release the prisoners they were holding to assist them against the mob. Another movie I thought of was a war movie where the patients who were hospitalized had to come out and fight because of the size of the attack.
I don't know about you, but if I'm wounded spiritually, or even dealing with the chains of sin, I don't want to defend anything. A fight is the last thing I'm looking for. When it comes to the things of God, we just lay down and stay home. Our commitment levels are weaker and we find ways to get out from under the obligations of our gifts and callings that we are responsible for.
Think about it this way. Have you ever gone to work when you were sick? If someone there hurt your feelings, did you still go? If you were in college and you possibly had the flu and it was finals and there was no make up exam, would you take the test? If you were at home drunk out of your mind and possibly watching pornography, and a burglar made an attempt to break into your home, would you try to stop him. Would you try to protect your children from evil no matter what you were doing?
In these natural illustrations, it's so easy to see and know what decisions we would make if we found ourselves in those predicaments. Why is it when it concerns our roles and responsibilities in the realm of the Spirit that we are snookered into believing that if we are in these types of conditions, that we have no rights or ability to protect those who need protecting; to heal those who need healing; to love the unlovable; to release forgiveness? It's as if we think we no longer can stand before God and have lost our rights in the kingdom. Don't get me wrong, these types of situations do impair our abilities, but they do not excuse us from our responsibilities. A wounded soldier is not kicked out of the Army just because he or she is wounded. If a soldier is locked up in the stockade, he's still in the Army!
I believe God has allowed the Body of Christ to find ourselves in this condition because it will force us to look at our need for each other to successfully overcome the enemy. I believe it will cause those who will to rise up even from their weaknesses and chains to fight the good fight of faith again.
When all Hell breaks lose bad enough, it will literally take all of us rallying together to overcome the enemy.
It's time to charge the hill!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Own Casualties

I've been writing some very poignant postings about living honestly and the casualties that occur from not living life from the place inside, where God resides. I want to make some things clear about myself that I want to keep in front of you and me at all times.
I personally have failed so many times in the very areas of insight that I publish. I have left a lot of casualties in the field by my own selfishness and arrogance. I've hurt God and man many times, only to leave folks bloody and hurt. One reason that I have some of the insight that I'm writing about is because of God's mercy to reveal the flaws in myself to me and using all things for my good. (Rom.8:28) My hope is not to expose bad men's flaws, rather it is to expose the lies that have many good men deceived.
Even now I'm aware of sin that would try to work in my members to stop or thwart the plan of God. My point is, I have to walk out what I'm writing just like anyone else. We're all capable of, and probably guilty of failing each other and we must strive to cover each other with His love and mercy.
I ask for your prayers that humility will reign in my heart as I release what I believe God is speaking to this generation.
Ken Mullis