Sunday, April 09, 2006

What is your shadow doing?

I woke up in the early morning hours last night and I was trying to quietly slip by my one year old son without waking him. He is a light sleeper and if he senses my presence going by him, he wakes up.

As I was thinking this, I heard inside, "What is your shadow doing to people?" I knew I didn't think that up! I believed that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me so I began to meditate on this word I was given. As I yielded my thoughts to the leading of the Holy Spirit, I thought about Peter's shadow healing a man as he walked by. It was clear to me that Peter's thoughts were not even conscious of trying to heal the man. I then thought of the woman with the issue of blood. She pressed through the crowd and touched the hem of Jesus' garment. He stopped and turned around to see who touched him because he felt virtue go out of himself. Again, he was not consciously trying to heal the woman yet she was healed.

[Our presence produces something whether it be life or death. We are supposed to be 'The Church'. Before Christ, in the temple of the Lord was where God's presence was, scripture says we are now the temple of the Holy Ghost. We are the Church, the environment of God for healing, restoration, salvation, etc. When a person comes into our presence, they should be able to receive the fruits of the Spirit, healing, etc. Yet, what is our 'shadow' or 'presence' doing to others? Are we running them off, creating heavy unreasonable burdens? Are we sucking the life out of them? Are we scaring them? Are they having to tip toe around us? Do we tire them out with our negativity and doubt? Do we hammer them with self righteousness?

You see our presence is always producing consequences, whether good or bad. An adulterer produces adultery or causes someone to be tempted by them. A murderer may produce death to those in his presence, or draw the same heart out of another, encouraging them to do the same. My anxieties will cause grief and unrest in others. Do you see my point? What is your shadow doing? I'm sorry to say that my 'shadow' has made many messes where it passed over in the past, but thank God He gives us a future!]

At this point the Lord brought me to the story of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25:31-40 coupled with the reference in Matthew Chapter 7.

I noticed some very distinguishing differences between the sheep and the goats. The goats defended there position of worthiness to Christ by all the wonderful works they did, such as casting out devils, etc. The sheep on the other hand were told by the Lord of their great works. How they clothed him when he was naked and how when he was hungry they fed him, etc. There reaction was entirely different from the goats. They said ,"When did we clothe you? When did we feed you?" Jesus said, "In as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it unto Me."

The point is, they weren't even conscious of their works. I believe their consciousness was set on staying in His presence, and the result was the fruit of the Spirit being produced everywhere they went. Scripture says signs and wonders follow those who believe. Jesus said, "I only do what I see my Father do and I only say what I hear Him say". By staying focused on the Father, Jesus was constantly producing good works. The holy presence of the sheep was a living and ongoing work of Christ in them. They abidied in the vine, seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all those things like, faith works, fruits of the Spirit, signs and wonders, etc., were added to them without it having to be a conscious effort.

The moment we make works, producing good fruit, taking the city, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, casting out devils, preaching, singing, taking back our nation, etc., the point of our worship, we corrupt the very works God meant for us to do.

Our existence in this world is meant to be immersed into His very presence, in total communion with Him. It is impossible to live this way and not produce fruit! What else could happen! We don't have to figure out how to win the world, we have to figure out how to live, move, and have our being in Him. This is why our worship times are so important, as well as our prayer and study times bringing the sweet communion with our Father. Then we will take the city if He wants us to and not even be conscious of the scope of His miraculous abilities in us that did it.

Charles Finney walked in the manifest presence of God in the early 1800's and people would begin to weep in his presence crying out for repentence without him even having to utter a word. This has happened with other believers. I believe by our faith, we can live in this way today--in the Shadow of the Almighty God!

What is your shadow doing?