Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Two Trees

I have been spending some time with the Lord recently. Most of that time spent has been a circumcision of my own pride and ego that had left me formless and void. What I'm going to say has been birthed in me through this experience.

I've been a Christian since December 10, 1982. I've been a singer/songwriter, and worship leader since 1985. I have drifted back and forth between different streams of ministries only to find myself frustrated and longing for clarity. Through this process I've been able to keep some of the revelation I've obtained and I've had to discard some. I know that scripture says to the pure all things are pure and to the defiled, even their hearts and consciouses are defiled. That being said, some of my frustration and the way I perceived some revelation in the past was probably tainted at times by my own heart condition. Nevertheless, God has been making some things very, very clear to me at this time and I believe I've not only been given a mandate to declare what He has shown me, but I'm also to dive into this direction as part of my own walk in Him.

Here it is. Mark this day in your calender because it is the beginning of the greatest dispensation of God's Spirit in history that the Church has ever walked in. God is circumcising the corporate heart of His body in the earth. It is the beginning of wisdom because the fear of the Lord will be working at a much higher level corporately. It is the revelation of two trees. It is the difference between those who are grafted into the Tree of Life and those who are grafted into the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Those who do things because they love and those who function out of their knowledge of good and evil. It is the difference between the helpless and those who say they know. It is the difference between those who say they only do and say what they see and hear their Father saying and doing, and those who have defined, by their own reason, to have determined good and evil. It is the year of distinction and separation between the humble and the prideful.

In the next ten to twenty years you will see this revelation of the two trees become clearer than the faith message and other revelations that have preceded it through history. It will also bring more distinction and clarity to every revelation we have ever heard in the past. It will be seen as the very foundation of our faith because it will cause Christ to be formed in man at an accelerated rate never seen before in times past. The reason for this, is that it is Christ revealed as the Tree of Life. We are grafted into Him! Those who hear will begin to lay the axe to the root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which achieves it's power in man through their own pride and arrogance. When this happens the power of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil will no longer have power in them and they will understand what John the Baptist meant when he declared to repent for the remission of sins.

Through this process the true Apostles will emerge with clarity and it will be rapid. The restoration will be broad and clear. They will also walk from this place of clarity between the two trees exposing and establishing the people of God in His love. The love of God will be seen as never before because the Tree of Life is deeply rooted in His love. This will be the defining factor of the Apostolic office. When this office rises up this revelation will be it's banner and we will see the beginning of unity throughout all those who will be unified. Men will no longer judge others spirituality by their own consciousness of good and evil, but by the voice of God. Men will see and judge things differently than in past times.

This will be a huge surge in the process of restoration. You will begin to see God raising this revelation all over the earth from all kinds of ministries. God is opposing the proud in His body to bring them to this revelation and those who are His are laying the axe to the root of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Many ministries will be judged harshly and wrong throughout this process but even that will bring about this revelation even faster. The fact is God is allowing the opposition that is bringing the revelation forth.

Our part is to embrace this process though it may be painful to some. When we find ourselves opposed we must search our hearts quickly and deeply to determine whether or not our own pride could be in direct opposition with God or not. God will show everyone who is willing to accept this possibility. To each one it may come in a different form. Do not judge harshly what you may hear about others or by what you see others do because it could be part of a divine process and you could be in danger of unrighteous judgement. Men will not be judged as much for what they are doing, but why they are doing what they do! God will define mens hearts.

This is a glorious day in the earth.

Ken Mullis

I have to mention two books that are truly forerunners to what you have just read: "There Were Two Trees in the Garden" by: Rick Joyner and "Surrender God's Key to Success" by: Arthur Burt.


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