Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wind of Change

The term 'Wind of Change' is being heard and spoken a lot today in the body of Christ. Specifically the term is being used most at this time with the 'Lakeland Outpouring' where Todd Bentley has been ministering. Bob Jones saw an angel named 'Wind of Change' that was directly involved with the Lakeland Outpouring.

However, the first time I heard the term was sometime around the end of March or the beginning of April. I heard the term 'Wind of Change' from a Pastor friend of mine named John Bagley who Pastors a church in Alma, Georgia. He had a dream that he called me about to get my input on. In the dream he saw a series of events take place and the last thing he heard before he awakened was 'Wind of Change'. The dream certainly reflected what God was wanting to do in the earth concerning His church and some of the fears that would arise in believers when it took place.

In the dream John saw a tornado headed straight towards him. His first reaction to what he saw was to rebuke this tornado that looked as if it would devastate everything in it's path. However, after pondering all the elements in the dream, he realized that he was rebuking the very wind God was sending into the body of Christ for the purpose of change.

Either that day or the next John read an Elijah List post where Bob Jones saw an angel named 'Wind of Change' being released to minister in cooperation with a third wave of revival that would spread and would not end. This is exciting to ponder and what I feel led to point out is not so much the proclamations of the change, but what it might look like and what it may feel like to us who have been holding on to religion, tradition, and the doctrines of men.

I believe John Bagley's dream reflected the heart of many in the body of Christ and where we are as believers. His first reaction to the 'Wind of Change' was to rebuke it as an evil destructive force that is on a collision course with the Church as we know it. What would lead us to rebuke something God is saying or doing? I remember a quote by Dr. Kenneth Hagin saying, and I paraphrase, "whatever your not up on you tend to be down on." That says a lot. We as humans don't like something unexplainable that can't be labeled or put in a box that can be put away and retrieved at will by our discretion. We don't like things that look different or tend to change the way we may appear to society.

Art is a good example of this. Art is as unique as the artist who releases his or her art whether it's music, painting, sculpturing, etc. This uniqueness is the vast beauty and heart of God being released in the earth. In the United States alone there are many cultures that coexist in one country. When a culture has embraced God and His word it will reflect his nature through the diversity that comes within the culture. If a rock band gets saved and comes out from where they were, they still have to bring themselves with them! That doesn't mean they stay in a sinful condition but if they like the sound of rock music before they are born again, they will probably like that sound after they are born again. Of course after being born again they are bought with a price and will not have a heart to exalt themselves through their music but rather they will exalt God with it. Why did God purchase them with the great price? Because He specifically wanted them just as they were at that moment!

Now the challenge for the church is where will we let them fit in with the rest of us. I am a musician. I've been playing in churches for a long time and early on I departed from the kind of music that was dear to me for the purpose of fitting in.

For me that lead to frustration. I have now abandoned that mindset so that I can be a more honest vessel. I can't tell you how many times when people heard me play how they wanted me to come play for their youth. I love playing for youth, but I'm forty seven years old and I like the music I play. Why couldn't I be invited to play at the main event! Because there may be some explaining to do afterwards! I might defile their temple! Do adult Christians only like hymns or conservative worship choruses? To be honest, I believe that most Christians would be far more comfortable hearing me in a bar than in church but why is that? Now that I think of it, I might be more comfortable in a... never mind. What are we as believers afraid of? What I'm saying should in no way be taken as irreverent, and holiness should never be compromised. But are we calling something unholy that God made holy? Remember Peter when the sheet came down before him in a vision and on it there were all kinds of animals and beast and the Lord told Peter to kill and eat three times. Peter said no Lord nothing unclean has ever touched my lips. And the Lord responded saying do not call unclean what I have made clean. After that the Holy Spirit poured out on the Gentiles and Peter experienced God fulfilling His promise to bring salvation to the Gentiles, a group despised by the Jews and who were seen as unclean.

Anything that is out of our comfort zone looks as uncontrollable as a tornado to us. We have to keep the house of God looking a certain way or we will lose control (we think). That is mega bologna! Does God really depend on you to steady His ark? Where were you oh man when the foundations of the earth were laid. We think God would not do something a certain way, only because we wouldn't do it that way. When we think that way, what we are really doing is reducing Gods ability to ours. If we feel that way, we really think way to highly of ourselves. We would rather spiritually clone ourselves than to experience diversity and change in others.

God wants this diverse spectrum of who He is to reflect His vastness. He may come to us in a number of ways we can't imagine and it will be our responsibility to know His voice. When He comes in a unique way there are definite attributes that will be seen. There will be fruits of the Spirit, power, division, persecution, and great blessing, just to name a few. And it will be a holy expression of His love.

We must embrace these 'Winds of Change' and not find ourselves rebuking the very winds of God that's meant to bring this change about.

In the sixties there was a change in our society that I believe was a prophetic event that points to what is happening today first in the Church and then to the world. I believe that society in the sixties before the 'hippie movement' or 'summer of love' represents the current condition of most of the body of Christ. We were a very fixed conservative society and a wind of change came in and forever changed the face of our society not only in America but in the world. This is not to say that there wasn't ungodliness that sprang forth during that time, but nonetheless the earth experienced a deep change that is still being felt today. I believe this was a natural illustration of what God plans to do in His kingdom in the earth.

It doesn't surprise me that Bob Dylan sang, "the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind."



Anonymous Robert McKinnon said...

Well, brother, let the winds blow. To many, this wind will be a storm that blows us out of control - a place I believe the Lord wants us to allow these winds to take us.

Reminds me of the song I wrote - "Ready for the Storm"

So come and let the storm clouds roll. Let the darkness grow. My anchor will hold stronger than the winds that blow. Though the storm may rage around me, in His arms I'm safe and warm - I am ready. I'm ready for the storm!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Natalya said...

Good words.

7:55 AM  

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